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Long Island Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning Tips

Check out the most recent articles from Charlie's Roof Cleaning for tips on exterior cleaning and more from our Long Island pressure washing and roof cleaning experts.

Understanding the Benefits of Professional Roof Cleaning in Long Island

roof cleaning long islandObviously, you want your Long Island home to look its best, and the roof is a big part of this. In fact, even homes that are otherwise clean can become completely unsightly, due to the presence of black stains. Professional roof cleaning, performed by experts who do not use power washing for roof cleaning in Long Island, helps enhance the look, but it is about more than that … Read More

Types of Surfaces You Can Clean with Power Washing in Long Island

power washing long islandTechnically, power washing in Long Island could clean just about any exterior surface. The problem is that this level of force is too great for many surfaces. Unfortunately, some self-proclaimed pros will still use this approach, putting your surfaces at risk … Read More

Ignoring Ugly Roof Stains Could Lead to the Need for Roof Replacement

roof cleaning long islandIt is easy to become oblivious to the true condition of the exterior of your home. When you see something on a day to day basis, it becomes simple to overlook developing visual problems. However, the big problem is that, when it comes to roof stains, it is about more than just the appearance of your home. Those black streaks are damaging your roofing and you here's why you need to call a professional for roof cleaning in Long Island… Read More

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